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Get Yourself Noticed

Whether you want to promote your brand, add new clients to your prospect list, or boost traffic to your booth, Middle East Event Show offers many unique marketing opportunities aligned with your objectives.

We have sponsorship opportunities to accommodate any budget (some are free!), we have listed a few of our ideas below. However, if you have thoughts about a sponsorship that is not listed, let us know as well! We are always happy to spar and work together to achieve your targets.

Exhibition Director

Amar Daginawala
Phone: +971 (0) 4 407 2771
Email: amar.daginawala@informa.com

Sponsorship Opportunities

Free Basic Listing

As a Middle East Event Show Exhibitor, you will receive a basic website listing for free. Use the Online Exhibitor Manual to enter your company’s details.


Attendee Email Confirmations

(Limit Three to Sponsorships – Exclusive) All pre-registered attendees receive confirmation of their registration via email. Have your logo and link added to this confirmation email.


Badge Lanyards

There is 100% certainty that your company name will be seen and remembered by each and every Middle East Event Show visitor. Badge lanyards with your company name will be worn around the neck of every attendee throughout the entire show, making your company name and brand top-of-mind for show-goers. Sponsor produces.

$5,000 - Sold Out

Carpet Decal Stickers

Display your company logo and message on the carpeting in strategic locations in the Middle East Event Show exhibition hall.


Connect Cafe Sponsor

Associate your company name with the main networking area in the centre of the exhibition. Premium logo positioning on the website and in pre-exhibition eshots. Build of the cafe by the Connect Cafe Sponsor, design to be approved by the organiser.

$10,000 - Sold Out


You write the blast, send us your HTML and we send it out to your choice of the Middle East Event Show pre-show or the post-show attendee list.


Exhibitor-Sponsored Seminar

Is your company filled with a wealth of knowledge and a thought leader in the industry? An Exhibitor-Sponsored Seminar is the perfect place to showcase this! Present new information, a valuable case study or an in-depth analysis, in a 45 minute seminar or a panel format. Share your expertise and help event professionals grow!

Free to attend for all Middle East Event Show attendees.


Route Planner Advertising

The Route Planner is distributed to every attendee at registration. With an exhibitor list, conference schedules, and an exhibit hall floor plan, the Route Planner is referred to constantly throughout the show and then taken back to the office for future reference. Sponsor will be able to advertise on the back of the Route Planner, size to be confirmed by the organiser.